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Welcome to NetGraphics '98, the definitive site of the impending millenium.


10/23/19: What happened?

"Hey, what happened to those daily Website of the Day things you talked about, where are those Weekly Album Reviews you promised? Where the hell are you guys?"

Hey, I have no time for anything these days, being a gamer and all, so if we don't update for awhile, just assume that we're being lazy or forgot to update today. We're hiring people to write for us, so if you'd like, you can contact us at any of our links.

That being said, we have a new post coming. As some of you may know, Coldplay is releasing 2 new singles from their upcoming album, Everyday Life, which we will be listening to today. We will post a track review on this. Stay tuned.

Watch the countdown to the single's release here.

10/16/19: Website of the Day Update

We've started a new blog series; Website of the day! Recieve an interesting website to visit. We're posting a new entry every day. Today's website was, a website where you contribute to the longest Marble Run rally ever. Check it out!


Welcome to the new and improved NetGraphics '98 website! This is the website where we upload cool and interesting web discoveries and aesthetic art. Yep, we finally decided to do something with this page. If you had been here before, you probably noticed how horrible our HTML setup was. Not anymore! Now, we're actually in business. Check below for a list of things we changed:

We have yet to upload any actual content as of yet, we're just making sure everything is set up for when we do, so make sure to check back regularly!

~Logan Limerick

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