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10/31/19: George Clanton - "Slide" ALBUM REVIEW

Have you ever posted an 80s or 90s style mood post on your Instagram or Tumblr? Have you ever reblogged a video with 80s music and psychedelic visuals with a VHS filter? If you have, well then thats Vaporwave, whether you like it or not.

10/24/19: Coldplay - "Orphans" / "Arabesque" TRACK REVIEW

Hello everyone, it's me, Nyantendo, the laziest music nerd, and today, we'll be taking a look at the two latest Coldplay tracks, Orphans and Arabesque.

Now, hear me out. I love Coldplay. Their work from 1998 to 2008 is phenomenal. Parachutes is a massive classic, A Rush Of Blood To The Head is good, X&Y is a bop from start to finish, and Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends is an album I could listen to from start to finish twice. I've never been disappointed by Coldplay, until now.

When the singles dropped around the world at 7:30 BST, I went so far as to skip class to hear it. I excused myself to the restroom, got into a stall, put in my headphones, and tuned into BBC Radio 1 just as the interview with Chris Martin was ending. I was ready, the fans were ready, Coldplay themselves were probably ready. Here it was, the latest Coldplay single in 4 years.

I sat and listened in my bathroom stall with anticipated ears and a grin from ear to ear across my face, and within the first few seconds of the first song Orphans, my face had changed from pure joy, to slight confusion, and then to just dissapointment. This song was horrible! I waited 4 years for this? This sounds like the fourth track off of a Children's Gospel CD from 2014 except worse. The whole song sounds like an unbalanced, improperly mixed blur. It felt like they were going for a Mylo Xyloto sound, but half of the sound stayed in A Head Full Of Dreams, so it ended up with this stretched-out and blurry mess like when you resize images in MS Paint.

Still, I kept hope alive. The track may be a giant flop so far, but maybe they can pull it off in the end. Yet, as I listened further, it only got worse. The whole song feels like a soundtrack song to an old Disney movie, and it's not like a soundtrack song that plays during a scene or anything, it sounds like an End Credits song, like a song that plays at the time that everyone is leaving the theatre or turning off the VCR.

I'll admit, it's decent, and the more I listened to it, the better it started sounding, but that still wasn't a whole lot and it still was nowhere near worth the 4 year wait to hear, but this is only one of the tracks off the upcoming double album that Coldplay is dropping this year, perhaps theres only one of these bad apples in the bunch.

My suspicions were confirmed when the next track, Arabesque, started playing. Right off the bat, I knew that this would be great. The bass line is low and mysterious, the saxophone solo is oozing with smoothness, Chris's vocals sound clear and polished, yet fuzzy, warped, and slightly wrong, like a radio broadcast you found on some weird AM frequency in the middle of the night coming from god-knows-where.

The lyrics of the track are very much like A Head Full Of Dreams hit a mood swing. Chris Martin said in the BBC Radio 1 interview that the song is written about the tensions with countries like Islam and Iraq, and even though the message that "we may be divided, but music unites us all" is a pretty "meh" message that would fit right at home in A Head Full Of Dreams, it is made better to an extent by the dark and gritty sound of the track. This has such a Cemeteries Of London vibe to it, and Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends is very much my favorite album by Coldplay instrumentally, so to hear that the new double album will sound a lot like it really gets me excited for November.

In the end, I believe that Orphans is not that good of a track. It sounds just plain bland, like Lunchables meat slices. There is no pop, there is no flavor, it's just decent or ok. Arabesque is a much better track, and if the majority of the album sounds like it, then I'll gladly listen to it.


Orphans: 2/10

Arabesque: 6/10